Petition to Remove Elder Marlving Charlet

Remove Elder Marlving Charlet

Dear Elder Euell,

I am very concerned about the pastorate of Elder Marlving P. Charlet as it pertains to Brooklyn Temple Seventh-day Adventist Church. Elder Charlet is essentially an absentee pastor who preaches, then leaves and is virtually unreachable during the week. Elder Charlet has demonstrated that he is incapable of pastoring or doesn't want to pastor in a manner that is to the spiritual growth and well-being of a church.

On September 14, 2013 Elder Charlet announced that while he pursues his second master's degree he would be unreachable during the week. If a congregant needed to reach him, the individual should call and leave a message and he would call back in three hours. That Elder Charlet suggested leaving a message is laughable as his voice mail box is always full.

Brooklyn Temple sends one hundred percent of the tithe it receives on a timely basis each month. Brooklyn Temple needs a pastor that pastors one hundred percent of the time.

I am therefore requesting that Elder Charlet be replaced as soon as the conference executive committee can meet with a pastor whose primary goals are to nuture on a timely basis, to love his flock, and be available whenever members of his/her congregation are in need of pastoral services.

Elder Charlet has suggested that sending letters to the conference are futile as all that will transpire is that the letters will be ripped up and disposed of. I would hope that as an administrator of all the the churches in the Northeastern conference you would not disrespect your constituents but rather would take all valid complaints and issues.

I know you maintain a busy schedule but please take the time to pursue this serious matter as souls are at stake while this pastoral vacuum exists at Brooklyn Temple.

Yours in Christ
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