Seventh-day Adventist Church Sued for Sexual Harassment

Written on:August 28, 2013
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Dr. Daniel L. Honore President of Northeastern Conference of Seventh-day Adventist

Dr. Daniel L. Honore President of Northeastern Conference of Seventh-day Adventist


The New York Post reported on August 19, 2013 that “a bible-thumping Seventh-day Adventist pastor shamelessly begged a Queens church secretary for sex despite the fact that both are married – and the organization’s all-powerful leader tried to cover up the scandal, the secretary’s blockbuster lawsuit claims.”

The pastor accused of the sexual harassment is Jose Burroughs of the Northeastern Conference of Seventh-day Adventist who also serves as the spanish coordinator.

The Post says that “Grecia Mena, a staffer at the Jamaica headquarters of the group’s Northeastern Conference, claims in the suit that Pastor Jose Burroghs tried to talk her into the sack for years, despite her protests and complaints.

Mena, 40 says in her suit that the preacher told her that he was accustomed to having women throw themselves at him and could not understand why she didn’t follow suit.

‘I don’t understand,’ he allegedly said. ‘Anything I want, I get.

Jose BoroughsBurroughs, 53 claimed to wield exquisite bedroom skills and assured his subordinate that he know how ‘to have a good time’ and knew ‘different sexual positions,’ according to the Brooklyn federal suit.

‘You see, there are so many women after me and I want to be with you, but you don’t want me,’ he whined to Mena, according to court papers.’

The New York Post article states that the harassment began in 2008 and “culminated with Burroughs whipping out his privates in 2011 and asking Mena to perform oral sex on him in a church office, the complaint charges.

Mena, whose husband is a member of the church, finally began complaining about the pastor’s alleged sinful seductions and her accusations reached the organization’s top lead, Daniel Honore.

But instead of disciplining Burroughs, Honore demoted Mena to a lesser position within the church for reduced pay and no benefits.”

It is also alleged that Honore doubled the rent she was paying in a church owned apartment that she and he husband share.

The church ostracized her after she started complaining about the sexual harassment.

“Since her complaint to defendant Honore, plaintiff Mena has been the subject of continued retaliation,” her suit states.

“Reached by phone, Burroughs and Honore both declined to comment.”

According to sources who The Adventist Mockingbird reached, this is not the only lawsuit for sexual harassment against Northeastern Conference. There is another complaint that has been lingering for years. Both incidences spanned two presidents of Northeastern Conference, Elder Trevor H. C. Baker, the previous president, and Elder Daniel Honore who was elected just last year.

The complete New York Post article can be found here.

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