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Written on:January 6, 2013
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Elder MArlving Charlet

Elder Marlving Charlet


Elder Marlving Charlet is one of the more than 175 million members of the professional social network Linkedin. The network is used mainly professionally to connect with individuals which they deem necessary to advance their career. Most of the millions of members of this social network supply true and verifiable information to the network.

This the summary for Elder Charlet that he posted on Linkedin. “Marlving Charlet is a dynamic leader, an exceptional administrator and a highly sought after international motivational speaker/presenter. His 15 years of leadership reflect local, national and international service. He is an ordained minister/Clinical Social Worker who works as clergy, educator, counselor and consultant to professional groups and individuals specializing in leadership, communication, theology, religion, spirituality and mental health. He is passionate about combining therapeutic intervention, nutrition and exercise in helping individuals deal with issues associated with addictions and substance abuse; family, parenting, marital problems, stress management and self esteem and aging. His proven track record has equipped, empowered and transformed lives across the country and internationally by integrating a cutting edge educational paradigm that gives his clients the tools they need to be successful.”

This paragraph is full of the usual hype that one would expect. Since this is how Elder Charlet sees himself or wants you to see him it is subjective and some would agree that it accurately describes Elder Charlet while others would disagree.

The next section deals with information that is verifiable and this is where things get interesting. First the information exactly as written:

“Minister/ Clinical Social Worker

July 1997 – Present (15 years 6 months)

Senior minister of a prominent parish where I minister to and equip leaders to serve the community through community activism and advocacy, and counseling to promote mental,spritual and emotional health while operating an elementary school. The parish collaborates with local civic organization to ameliorate all people in community. There are many programs that are in place to assist the parishioners and community to reach there desired goals. Programs such as feeding the poor, economic empowerment, educational mentoring, heath screening, career, marital, parenting,job displacement, substance abuse counseling. With the intended goal to help all people to pursuit life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Administrator/ President
Brook Club Condominium Association

June 2009 – May 2012 (3 years) United States

I served as head administrator/president for large condominium complex. In my role it was my responsibilies to manage the board of directors and staff to carry out effectively and efficiently the mission of the association.”

The N.E.C. above is the Northeastern Conference of Seventh-day Adventist (Northeastern) where Elder Charlet is employed as a minister/pastor. He is not a clinical social worker for Northeastern. Northeastern does not have clinical social workers on its staff. Additionally in an article entitled Who Is Elder Marlving P. Charlet? using information gleaned from Elder Charlet’s own resume it is shown that he exaggerates his experience in ministry. So the “inaccuracies” start at the very beginning of his experience narrative.

Elder Charlet is not the senior minister of a prominent parish. Elder Charlet is the only pastor at Brooklyn Temple of Seventh-day Adventist Church (Brooklyn Temple) which has been in decline spiritually and financially since he was installed in May 2009. The number of individuals attending services has also declined. He is not over a parish but a church.

The elementary school which was in operation when Elder Charlet arrived is no longer in operation and was closed in June of 2010 as a result of Brooklyn Temple spending over $100,000 to renovate its worship room instead of paying the debts of the school.

Brooklyn Temple does not work with the community as outlined with the exception being that it does distribute clothing to the community on an erratic basis. That the other services outline are done in the community is just totally untrue. Elder Charlet does not work with any community organizations and burned the bridge with the only organization that attempted to work with Brooklyn Temple.

Don’t believe the hype. Elder Marlving P. Charlet is not what and who he claims to be. While almost people will only reveal the good things they have done on their resume Elder Charlet continues to exaggerate or even outright lie about the claims of what he is or has accomplished. Omitting things that reflect badly are usually left off a resume but substituting an untrue reality on verifiable information is just not done by honest individuals and especially ministers.

Under the tenure of Elder Charlet’s dynamic and exceptional leadership Brooklyn Temple has done nothing but decline. Elder Charlet is to Brooklyn Temple what Nero was to Rome. He fiddles while Brooklyn Temple burns.

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